Teen Alcohol Poisoning

High School Football Star Dies of Alcohol Poisoning

On October 7, favorite high school football player, Lucas Davis, from Brentwood, TN, was found dead in a field behind a home the morning after an all-night party.

The autopsy report released on November 3, showed that the beloved 16-year-old, 250 lbs star, had a blood alcohol level of 0.297.

It would not be a far cry to assume that there were copious amounts of alcohol at this party. The Tennesseean reported that “a 250-pound person would need to drink about 18 shots of whiskey over two hours to reach a blood alcohol content level of .294.”

This tells us that Davis more than likely over-indulged in alcohol, abusing the beverage that ultimately led to his death.

They continued to report that the medical examiner “found fluid in Davis’ lungs, an abnormal enlargement of his liver and spleen, and slightly dilated chambers of the heart.”

Lucas Davis’ death was ruled an accident and therefore no charges were filed. However, Brentwood was left to mourn their rising star. Hundreds of friends, families and community members turned out to mourn Davis.

Several fellow team members and classmates left endearing messages on social media.

Crystal Thomas wrote “@DavisLucas22 you were like a second brother to me and I cherish every moment we had together. You always put others first even if it brought you sorrow and it’s hard to imagine life without you. Words cannot describe how much I love you pookie 💓💓 #flyhigh74“

Ben Craig also posted some love!, “Lucas… This world is not our home. See you soon bro, camp, church, and school won’t be the same without you. Love u man #FlyHigh74”

Craig also started a GoFundMe account for Davis’ father, Mike. The campaign was successful as they earned $12,000 more their initial goal with 392 total donations.

Referred to as the “Gentle Giants”, Lucas Davis is a life that will surely be missed thanks to the ever-growing epidemic of teenage alcohol abuse.

These unfortunate events are common as alcohol is the number one choice of drug by teens.

The key is to teach young adults about over-indulging and how to avoid abusing it at all.

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