Drug Overdose

Arizona Teens Die Of Overdose

 Tragedy struck two Arizona families when their teen sons died of an accidental overdose from a combination of drugs.

On November 3, 19-year-old Gunner Bundrick and Jake Morales were found dead after experimenting with a drug that was unknowingly laced with fentanyl and 4-ANPP.

Several weeks after their deaths, Bundrick’s aunt, Brandi Bundrick Nishnick, took to social media to tell the story of her nephew and paint for the world, a better image of her nephew.

In her tweet, Nishnick wrote

“#1- Gunner was an amazing kid who deserved the life he won’t get the chance to live, so I owe him his story to be told. #2- I want to clear up any misconceptions and give the facts. #3- Gunner’s story could very well save your child’s life so please, share his story.”

She continues to describe the events surrounding Gunner’s death.

“Gunner went out with friends on Friday night. They came back to my brother’s house late and stayed up eating pizza and playing video games- as most 19-year-old boys do.

At some point during the evening, Gunner, and his friend took a pill stamped Percocet. The very popular and easily accessible painkiller. Gunner has no history of drug use, has never been a “problem child”, was a star athlete, wonderful son, and brother and was extremely loved in his community. We don’t know why he decided to take “a pill” that night.”

It is not uncommon for street drugs to be laced with stronger, more addictive drugs. This ensures that the buyer becomes hooked immediately and will return to buy more.

Unfortunately for Gunner and Jake, their first time using was their last. With a powerful drug like fentanyl being unknowingly present in a pill, the chance for an overdose increased dramatically.

Nishnick warned,

“These aren’t the pills in your parents’ medicine cabinet. They are made in someone’s garage who is trying to make a buck…a buck at the expense of our children’s lives. THERE CAN BE NO EXPERIMENTING. None. It’s truly a matter of life or death. You can’t see fentanyl. You can’t smell fentanyl.”

With a tragedy like this, we can only hope that people will heed Brandi’s warning and avoid any more unnecessary teen deaths.

You can read her full post here.

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