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January 31st, 2019 was a dark day for the town of Greenville, South Carolina. No one could have known the tragedy that would unfold. That Thursday morning a dead body was discovered on the side of the road. Joshua Meek was tossed out like litter to wait until the morning light found him.

His body was found in Laurens County. This was only after his car was found abandoned on a dirt road. The seats inside were soaked with his crimson blood. That was when the police realized something terrible might have happened.

Joshua Meeks was an honor student and football player. He was the classic popular boy at his school with places to go. He was going to do great things. He was also part of a drug deal gone horribly wrong.

Teen drug abuse is on the ride. Kids are often drinking alcohol and taking pills, smoking weed. They do it in combination together for the fun high. They don’t realize that the drugs have side effects that can harm them. Even kids who seem responsible take advantage of drugs to relax. They don’t realize that just being around drugs can be dangerous.

Joshua Meeks learned.

He was found a day after his mother reported him missing. She called the police when he didn’t come home after he was supposed to hang out with friends. He turned out to have been shot in his car during a drug deal. To add insult to injury his car was then stolen and his body thrown out like trash.

No one deserves to be treated like that. Sixteen years old and murdered in cold blood. Bullets should never hurt a child.

Teen Sosa Croft has been arrested in conjunction with the murder. He was arrested for murder, possession of a deadly weapon during a crime, and grand larceny. Yet this boy claims to be innocent. He was found to be the one who stole the bloodstained car definitely. He says he is not the one who killed Joshua Meeks.

Croft made a statement to Meeks’ family when he was in the courtroom.

“I understand that nothing I say can ever bring Joshua back but I’m going to let you know this now: I’m working with my lawyer, and I’m real-life telling who the killer is, who the person, the monster is, who took your son away from you, the person who pulled the trigger that night.”

Police have said that Croft and Meeks had a drug deal going on before Croft stole his car. He said he had never had an issue with the honor student, and that he will explain exactly who the real killer is.

Police also arrested two more suspects in the murder of Joshua Meeks. One sixteen-year-old boy remains unnamed and charged with murder. The other is eighteen-year-old Lyric, Mone Lawson. She was charged with accessory after the fact.

The facts are still unclear on what happened that fateful night. But there are promises to get down to it and reveal who really killed Joshua Meeks.

Drugs are dangerous in many ways. They can harm the body, the effect the mind and can lead to bad decisions. They are especially bad for teens whose brains haven’t finished growing.

But even just being around drugs can kill you. Take Joshua Meeks, all around good kid. He was good in school, good at sports, and died because of drugs. Not because of taking them, but just by being a part of what he assumed was an innocent drug deal.

Drugs are never safe, even if you’re not the one taking them.

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