Youcubed U

Youcubed U is youcubed’s higher education branch. Jo has been teaching a course for Stanford undergraduates since 2013. In this class undergraduate students learn about math education and reflect on their own math learning. Youcubed U was conceived in the 2017 version of this course, when the students realized that their experiences in math classes in college did not match what they knew was best and pushed for a branch of youcubed that would show college students and instructors what is possible. We hope this site inspires you to join the revolution and help us change math beyond K-12!

The Mathematical Association of America published The MAA Instructional Practices Guide in 2017 aiming to share evidence-based practices with mathematics […]

This case of undergraduate mathematics teaching contains excerpts from the award winning professor Steve Strogatz, teaching his course: Mathematical Explorations. […]

Jo’s undergraduate students work on the Pennies and Paperclips task from Discovering the Art of Mathematics: Pennies and Paperclips is […]