Special Education

New paper by Jo Boaler & Tanya LaMar

Nicholas Letchford grew up in Australia, a quiet boy who loved to build and solve puzzles. In Nicholas’ first years of school his parents were told that he was learning disabled, that he had a very low IQ and that he was “the worst child they had seen in 20 years”. In 2018, Nicholas’ mother Lois published her book: Reversed: A Memoir, describing their teaching and learning journey together. That year, Nicholas graduated from Oxford University with a doctorate in applied mathematics.

Our paper on special education aims to communicate scientific evidence in two main areas. First we share a growth approach to special education that draws from the latest neuroscientific work in brain training. Second we report on schools and teachers taking a multi-dimensional approach to the teaching of mathematics that works to honor many different types of thinking, valuing difference and rejecting ideas of deficit.

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